Main Screen with navigation drawer. Main Screen. For larger devices you will be presented with a similar screen.If you have no playlists, the rows will simply be blank Editing Playlists
You can move, delete, move to top and deduplicate your tracks.
Create Playlists
Having selected the first icon on the main screen, you have 3 tabs, Tracks, Albums, Artists. Creating Playlist from Folders
Navigate through the file system to find your music. Once you have located this, set as default. If you receive an error "No music was found", try a different path. For instance mnt/sdcard/music, /sdcard/music. Some experimentation may be required. Managing m3u Playlists
M3u playlists are created by exporting a playlist. Select the "Export to m3u format" from the context menu on the main screen. They are written to a folder called "playlist_Manager". You can delete these from this screen.
Using Criteria
If you have Poweramp installed, two additional tags will show, "Ratings" and "Times Played". Accessing smb shares.
To be able to create playlists from attached devices such as a PC or NAS, you need to connect first. Enter your credentials and you should then see the folders in the share. 
More and more functionality to manage your Poweramp Playlists.
Creating Custom Playlists
Selecting the "Custom" option from the Criteria menu allows you to build your own query. Below sets out the steps but in general, select the tag followed by the operator, equal to (=), not equal to (!=) or when you want to look for a part of a value (LIKE), followed by your search text. Click Add Rule and if you have more than one criteria, either choose AND or OR and repeat the process. The resulting query is displayed as you add each rule. Once you have completed the rules, click "Create Playlist". Select your smb playlist export options. Setting Colours
Ticking the tickbox of Background Colours on the Preferences will open this screen which allows you to set the background colour and text colours. Simply slide the small ball untill the desired colour. Then simply click the appropriate button.