Automating Tag updates and Ratings

There is an app called Tasker which allows you to automate android processes.

Music Playlist Manager (v226 and above) has functionality to automatically:

  • Update the mp3 POPM tag of a track with the rating found in Poweramp
  • Update the Poweramp database with the rating value found on an mp3 POPM tag of a track
  • Backup your Poweramp ratings

Using Tasker and intents, you can create a schedule that automatically does some or all of the above. .

The intents are:




Category: Launcher

Target: Service


Step 1 Step 2
Launch Tasker, select TASKS tab

Add a task by clicking

Provide a meaningful name. This will take you to the next "Task Edit" step. Again add an action.

Scroll down untill you can select "System"

Step 3 Step 4
Once again add an action, select Intent

for each of the actions, enter the actual intents

For example, to automate the updating of the POPM tag with the Poweramp ratings:

Once all actions have been set up, create a profile that executes the action(s) depending on a certain condition such as time and/or day.