The Menu Options

Create Playlist

Once albums or tracks have been selected, click add to add the selections. You will be presented with the "Add to Playlist" dialog where you can either select an existing playlist or create a new one.

You are also able to sort your music collection by Artist, Album or Year either ascending or descending.

This screenshot displays all tracks found on your device.


Below the dialog box to add a new playlist

At this point you can start to listen by tapping the track

similarly, a click on an album will bring up the album details and tapping one of the tracks will start to play. A long click on the track will show the track details.

Generate Random Playlist

Quick Query tool

Merge Playlists

Shuffle Playlists

Deduplicate Playlists

Export Playlists to m3u format

Delete selected Playlists

Delete all Playlists

Copy/move Playlist to folder


The Navigation Drawer Options

Local Folders

Network Folders


  • This is where you can create playlists based upon different mp3 tags. Clicking the appropriate item will populate the table. Playlists are created by simply clicking the selected item in the list. You will be offered the playlist creation dialog.
  • If you have Poweramp installed then additional tags will be shown.Rating and "Times Played" are not available in android but are obtained from your Poweramp music collection.
  • By clicking the Selections the selection popup menu will show again. 
  • Standard Android options are Artists, Genres, Years, Composers and Decades and additional mp3 tags depending on whether you have Poweramp installed.


  • An additional option is listed called "Smart Playlists. The choice allows the user to build their own query by supplying a combination of one or more criteria. For more details follow this link.


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